10 Eternal Mistakes In Web Design

Every unnecessary question puts a strain on the brain and it distracts from the main goals of the visitor - why he is here and what he needs to do.2 min

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  1. We do not read, but SCAN

    When we read something, we usually focus only on what we are interested in (of course, if it does not apply to work). And users have long since stopped reading all the text about products or services on the main page of the site. This is due to the fact that we all try to do everything quickly. We are all very busy and do not want to spend time reading a large amount of material. Some designers do not stop using a lot of unnecessary text.
    How to:

    • Use many headings to separate each section in the text. The headlines will inform readers about the main content of the page.
    • Paragraphs should be short, as long ones are difficult to scan.
    • Use bulleted lists. If the text has a sentence with several homogenous members – make a few points better.
    • Highlight key phrases. The most important thing is better to highlight in bold. But do not abuse the selection.
  2. Let’s not forget about the visual hierarchy

    The visual design of the page should link all the elements together. This can be done using 2 principles:

  3. You should not reinvent the wheel

    When designers are tasked with creating something new, they are very likely to invent a bicycle. After all, copying someone’s ideas is not cool. After all, a designer is needed to create something unique. But before you invent a bike you need to calculate how much time, effort, knowledge will be spent on it and whether it is worth doing at all.

  4. Say NO to boring instructions!

    The designer’s goal is to make everything simple and clear. People are bored reading monotonous instructions. It is better to visualize them – users like to look at the image.

  5. Not everyone wants to know how your product works

    Most people don’t care how a product works. Once they start using your product they will not change it for another.

  6. There are products for which appearance is not important

    Some products/services should have a simple and unobtrusive design.

  7. Strength in focus groups and usability tests

    A focus group is a group of people gathered to discuss products. They express their opinion about the product, share experiences and reactions to a new presentation or design.
    And the usability test is an observation of the person who uses your product. You ask the person to use the product to understand what errors or shortcomings need to be corrected.

  8. Don’t let personal experience lead the process

    If you use a digital product yourself, you are sure that you know what is bad and what is good. It can be difficult to deviate from your personal experience, but it is a must!

  9. Ask the right questions

    Wrong question:
    “Do visitors like this site?”
    The correct question is:
    “Will the site solve the user’s problem; Is it easy to find what he is looking for; Will the user return to make a purchase?”.
    You need to focus on people’s needs. This will show the analysis of the target audience, not personal feelings.

  10. When a user is on your site, he should not strain

    • What is this site?
    • Where do I start?
    • Where is what I need?
    • What is most important on this page?
    • Why is it so-called?
    • Is it an advertisement or part of a site?

Every unnecessary question puts a strain on the brain and it distracts from the main goals of the visitor – why he is here and what he needs to do.


“If you think good design is too expensive – look at the cost of bad design”

People don’t like puzzles and mazes! Simplify their lives!

We create such sites – simple, concise, functional, those that address the needs of visitors. If you want to create a successful online business – contact us!

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573 shares, 263 points
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