5 Popular Myths About Banner Ads On The Internet

This stereotype has developed in those who once launched an advert and did not get results. After that, he decided not to use it anymore.2 min

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5 Myths About Banner Ads On The Internet

Banner ads are image-based ads rather than text-based and they are a popular form of online advertising. The purpose of banner advertising is to promote a brand and also to get visitors from the website where the ad is hosted to the advertiser’s website.

As effective as banner ads can be, there are certain myths about banner (display) advertising on Google. Lets take a look at some of them:

  1. Banner advertising = a waste of money
    This stereotype has developed from those who once launched banner ads and did not get results. After that, they decided not to use it anymore.
    Be aware that campaign effectiveness is affected by a number of factors. Thus, the first time you may not get anything – you can ignore something or forget about something.
  2. Banner advertising – ubiquitous and obsessive
    This stereotype has remained since the advent of the Internet. Today, banner advertising on the site is not as intrusive as it used to be. There are many tools for fine-tuning and managing advertising campaigns. 

    You can customize the display of advertising to potential buyers and exactly where you want.
    Of course, the advent of more sophisticated tools has increased the possibility of making mistakes. For example, if you forget to set the frequency of impressions in the CMS – it will be shown everywhere to users, which will form a negative opinion about you.
  3. Users are accustomed to banners and do not pay attention to them.
    Be sure if you write the right appeal for the target audience (exactly what is relevant to them at the moment), and offer it a solution – users are guaranteed to go to the site.
  4. Cash-out for random clicks
    Indeed, it may be that mobile users will accidentally click on banners. But this can be avoided by minimizing the display of advertising on mobile devices. In this way, you can limit “accidental” traffic.
  5. Media advertising = instant success and profit
    This type of advertising is perfect to improve visibility and talk about new products (promotions, discounts, new products/services, etc.). But only if the targeting is set up correctly, otherwise it will turn out that the ad will be shown to completely uninterested users.

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Visitors do not always decide to make a purchase when they first visit the site.

In order to make a media worker work for you, you need to decide:

  1. Who is the target audience? Who will be shown the ad?
    Identify who may need your products / services? For whom are they relevant at the moment?
  2. What message do you want to convey to your audience?
    How do you explain that you can solve their problem?
  3. Where will the user go after clicking on the banner?
    After clicking on the banner, the user should be directed to the appropriate section or product, not to the main page. First you need to interest the visitor, and then click with different methods of traffic.

You should have a list of answers to these questions. Then find out if you can implement them with advertising systems. As a result, you will have an effective strategy. If you do not know how to do it – contact us! We will be happy to connect and set up display advertising for your site


  1. Don’t expect instant sales
    The only exception may be cheap goods or an exact hit to a “heated” target audience, ready to buy.
  2. Implementing an action on the site
    Encourage users to interact with the site – leave an email address, take a survey, participate in the game, etc. The number of actions performed will indicate the interest of the audience. This will increase the number of returns and conversions. Setting up multichannel sequences in Google Analytics will help you keep track of this.
  3. The main indicators of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign – the growth of traffic and the number of conversions.

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The popular stereotypes came from the experiences of advertisers. To see that you don’t have these same experiences, make sure you:

  1. Set the right goals.
  2. Form strategies based on goals.
  3. Regularly analyze the results and make improvements.

Maybe you have your own stereotypes? Share them in the comments.

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