6 Things To Know Before Starting A Blog Website?

Users go online not only to buy goods/services, sometimes they just look for information. That's why you need to analyze key queries and select topics for the blog2 min

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6 Things To Know Before Starting A Blog Website?

Blog Website: In the past, blogs were a kind of online diary of certain people who wanted to tell the world about themselves. Blogs are now used in business and have become a great internet marketing tool. Almost all companies together with the development and promotion of the site create corporate blogs.

Don’t start blogging on a website just to increase sales. A blog is a tool for building credibility and finding new customers!

Users go online not only to buy goods/services, sometimes they just look for information. That’s why you need to analyze key queries and select topics for the blog based on them.


The blog should perform the following functions :

  1. Provide the necessary information to users.
  2. Convince users of the benefits of buying goods/services from you.
  3. To form an audience of subscribers.
  4. Promote the site – increase positions on targeted information queries and generate traffic from search engines.
  5. Show users that your business is alive and growing, especially if the product range does not change.
  6. Provide users with reviews, tips, instructions for products.
  7. Distribute information on social networks through posts, reposts, likes.
  8. Improve loyalty and form the right opinion about your company and products.



6 Things To Know Before Starting A Blog Website?Of course, the blog can be used to convey to the target audience information about your preferences, but try not to turn the resource into a selection of self-promotion 🙂 Such advertising will only repel users.
You can use the following tips :

  1. Experiment with article types (informational, reviews, interviews, news, photos and videos, etc.).
    Track the effect in web analytics systems, and draw conclusions about which content users like best. Also keep track of which articles have the most comments, so they are interesting to your audience.
  2. Make your work systematic.
    It is better to publish several articles gradually than to write nothing for a whole month and then write 5.
  3. Advertising should be native (natural).
    Don’t turn a blog into a collection of promotional articles alone. Dilute it with interesting and useful information for consumers!
  4. Keep track of competitors.
    Find your main competitors and follow them: on what topics and how often do they publish on the blog? This strategy will help you create your own content plan.
  5. Monitor web analytics metrics.
    Analytics will help you identify the most popular articles, search queries, bounce rate, average page view time, sign-in / exit pages, and conversion rate.
  6. Articles should be structured, unique and error-free.


What to write about?

This question is one of the most difficult because sooner or later your list of topics will end. In this case, we recommend writing entertaining and useful content:

  • product use tips;
  • Reviews and comparisons of goods;
  • Customer questions and answers;
  • Interesting selections (for example, in the style of TOP-10);
  • Important news;
  • leadership in the style of “how-to”, etc.


How often do you write blog articles?

If you are going to write 1 article a month – it is better not to start at all!
You need to understand that the more often you write, the better. We recommend writing at least one article a week. And even better – one in a few days. But keep in mind that it is not the number of articles that is indicative, but their quality and size!

When filling out a blog, do not forget about other channels of promotion, and about doing business in general.


The main task of any blog is not sales, but entertainment and informing readers. The purpose of its existence on the website of the online store is to create a space for communication between company representatives and customers, presentation of the company and the formation of authority. As a result, you get an effective tool for business growth and development, investments in which will pay off in full.
Do you need a blog for your business or personal blog, a review blog like this BLOG – contact Silahub Technologies Today!


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