Benefits of contextual advertising for SEO

While contextual advertising is highly favourable to your advertising efforts, a considerable sum of advertisers ignores this advantageous branch of site promotion. 2 min

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contextual advertising and its component

Contextual advertising is advertising on a website that is relevant to the content of the page you want to promote. While contextual advertising is highly favourable to your advertising efforts, a considerable sum of advertisers ignores this advantageous branch of site promotion. It serves as a plus to your SEO promotion efforts.


Contextual advertising provides an opportunity to test the effectiveness of redesign and other innovations on the site.

Instant traffic from advertising in the shortest possible time will help to study the behavior of users on the site. You will be able to test any innovations on the site – from changing the color scheme to the location of various modules. In the same way, it is possible to define on what parameters sorting of the goods will take place – from the cheapest to expensive, or, from the most popular to less popular.
Contextual advertising in Google Adwords has an A / B testing feature that helps determine which types of content are most popular with visitors.

Contextual advertising will help to find new markets and segments of the target audience

You can customize the display of an ad in such detail that it will be displayed to users living at a specific address. If you direct traffic to specific regions, it will expand your audience. Seo specialists can analyze the effectiveness of these companies, and determine how the new area is suitable for scaling your business. They will also conduct a thorough analysis of the results of targeted companies in social networks ( Facebook, Youtube ) and form a portrait of the target audience in order to adjust the content strategy.

SEO + PPC is a double benefit for brand advertising

PPC on brand inquiries (phrases with the name of your brand) gives an increase in traffic by at least 40%. Even the most popular resources use the brand context to improve their search engine rankings ( IKEA, eBay, Amazon, etc ).
The duo of SEO and PPC is simply necessary to increase the recognition and reputation of the brand online.

Benefit from the exchange of key phrases

By linking Google SearchConsole and Adwords, you get many benefits:

  • Google Adwords will show data requests from organic transitions failure rate;
  • The above data can be compared to the performance of using key queries in Google Adwords.
  • key queries with high clickability are considered high quality and must be fought for in organic delivery.

Analysis of queries with long tails (low-frequency queries) will help to add to the list of negative keywords for advertising. And such queries can be used to improve meta tags and content, they can even become valuable keyword phrases.
Researching keywords with high clickability and lack of visibility in search helps to find new topics for the content plan.

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There are areas of business with a very high cost of online advertising. Therefore, it is cheaper to provide a list of valuable key phrases to Seo-specialists to improve the ranking of the site in search results.

Launching a perpetual motion user engine

It is relevant for any resource where there is a module of questions and answers, feedback, comments, forums. Pages with such modules should not be closed from indexing, and user content should be moderated.
By running paid traffic to such pages, you can get more conversions from organic.
Custom content is especially useful for bulletin boards, as blank pages simply disappear from the index.
For other types of sites, reviews help expand the semantics.

Track your target audience on mobile devices

Recent research has shown that users are increasingly switching to mobile devices. And if you don’t use mobile advertising, don’t expect high conversion rates.
So, combining SEO and PPC for users who use mostly smartphones and tablets is a must!

PPC pulls up seasonal sales

Everything is simple. To increase the efficiency of seasonal sales you need:

  • prepare content and filters for seasonal product groups;
  • prepare and launch a promotion.

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The benefits of SEO and PPC seem obvious. Of course, the result will be affected by the individual characteristics of the projects, but SEO and PPC in the duo work much more productively!

You deserve a team of passionate specialists working vigorously to see you meet your online goals. Contact our team at Silahub.

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