8 Signs That Shows It’s Time To Re-Design Your WebSite

You see your site every day and may not notice the reason that leads to a decrease in sales of goods or services. 4 min

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You see your website every day and may not notice the reason that leads to a decrease in sales of goods or services. More and more people are using the Internet to find the right products or companies, but only a powerful website can withstand a large number of visitors to turn the number into profit.


Here are 8 signs that it’s time to update your site. If you find them on your site – it’s time to think about redesign!

1. The site takes a long time to load

Most users expect the site to load quickly. If your pages load for more than 2 seconds, users can leave the site. In fact, according to research, most users admit that they leave a site if the pages load for more than 2 seconds. In addition, even Google has announced that the ranking of pages in search results primarily depends on the speed of loading the website, so if the mobile version of the site loads slowly due to obsolescence – you risk losing position in the search rankings. That way, if your site loads slowly, you risk losing half of your potential buyers. Check speed manually, loading and reloading the pages of your site. Check site downloads on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones to make sure downloads are fast on all devices. You can also use specialized online services to check the speed of loading pages (for example,Google Speed Insights ):

2. Social media posts don’t look attractive

When you advertise your product on social media, it should look attractive. It should have good photos, interesting descriptions for buyers and give them a clear idea of why and for what purpose you are making this publication. Approximately 31% of users go to social networking sites. If you do not promote on social networks (SMM), it will have a negative impact on the sale of goods or services on the site.
If your posts don’t catch the eye, users just flip through them without paying attention. If the site does not look modern and attractive enough, then your posts on social networks will not bring you new customers, and this will harm the business.

3. The site is inconvenient to use from mobile devices

Increasingly, users are coming to the site from mobile devices. Desktops and laptops have long been the only means of obtaining information. In fact, mobile devices overtook computers as the main search tool a few years ago. If your site does not work on mobile devices as it should, you will lose many potential users.

Pay attention to whether the font is legible, whether the images are displayed correctly and whether it is convenient to navigate through sections and pages of the site. If you turn to SEO analysts – they will tell you what percentage of users visit the site from mobile devices. If the percentage is really high, the mobile version of the site should become a PRIORITY. If not, then you should still pay attention to the mobile adaptation of the site, because Google has launched a new algorithm Mobile-First Index.  You can check your mobile adaptation with the Google Mobile-Friendly Test service :

The site does not facilitate doing business

The site should attract new customers, if there are none, it is worth redesigning. Your site can be as productive as possible if used properly. It is extremely important to check your rankings and positions to make sure that the problem is not traffic but conversion. However, if the site has a lot of visitors, but low conversion (ie users come to the site, but quickly leave it), this is a clear sign that the site design is more harmful than helpful.

5. Users do not stay on the site for long

For most sites, it is equally important that new users visit it and stay on the site as long as possible. To determine this, you must first determine the failure rate. The bounce rate will show you how many users leave the site after visiting just one page. You can also determine the average number of pages a user visits. You can find out the bounce rate, number of pages per session, and other information about user behavior on your site using Google Analytics or other specialized services.

A high bounce rate, say more than 80%, indicates that the site does not make users want to visit more than one page. A redesign can help attract customers and keep them longer. The longer a user stays on your site, the more likely they are to contact you.
Site conversion will increase as your bounce rate decreases and the number of pages viewed per session increases.

6. It is difficult for users to find what they are looking for.

Along with the speed of loading pages, users like to quickly find the information or products they need on the site. They can be quite impatient and leave the site in minutes or even seconds if they can’t find what they need. Users should be able to purchase, review, subscribe to the newsletter, and receive any information about the product or service from the website. If you receive a lot of calls and letters from users complaining about the inconvenience of using the website, it means that you should redesign and improve usability.

7. Your competitors have redesigned their sites

The most effective way to evaluate your site is to look at the sites of major competitors. If they have made a radical redesign or the site has become more modern than yours – it is worth thinking about creating something more modern. The updated design will also show users that you follow trends not only in web design but also in the introduction of your business.

8. Your brand, product, or service needs to change

One of the most important reasons for updating your site is that the company is offering something new or improving services or products. Users who visit the site must understand the products/services you sell/provide. Therefore, it is very important that the information is relevant. The design update will emphasize that your new brand, products, or services deserve attention.


An effective site plays a very important role in the success of your business. Without a functional and attractive site, you will lose potential customers and buyers. The site, in fact, is an online presentation of the company, which affects the development of your business. You will not be able to keep up with the times if users do not like your site. It is extremely useful and important for your business to maintain the site and update it so that it does not lose its appeal to users. You can order a
redesign of the site from us at Silahub technologies!

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