Corporate website for the company (official website of the company) is an Internet resource that contains information about the company, manager, services, products, achievements of the company. He is an important component of the “face” of the company. A corporate website is needed for medium or large businesses that are constantly evolving online and offline.

Corporate website by silahub


You need a corporate website if:

1. You want to distinguish your site among competitors
2. You want to promote the site on the Internet
3. You have many types of goods or services (over 5-7)
4. You have something to say about your services and the development of the company
5. You want to continue to develop and improve

Corporate website


  1. Attracting a wide audience of buyers and partners
  2. Forming the company’s image
  3. Increase loyalty and customer support
  4. Formation of a database of clients and partners
  5. Advertising of services and goods
  6. Promotion of the company, services and goods on the Internet
  7. Organization of direct sales through the site
  8. Providing complete information about goods and services
  9. Business process automation


  • unique design in corporate style;
  • multifunctionality;
  • adaptability for mobile devices;
  • compliance with search engine requirements;
  • convenient administrative panel (according to your needs);
  • graphic and information content of the main pages of the site;
  • instructions for working with the administrative part;
  • feedback form;
  • quick site search;
  • order form of goods or services.

In addition to website development, we provide a full range of services for businesses on the Internet:

  • site support ;
  • site promotion ;
  • contextual advertising ;
  • SEO audit ;
  • web analytics system settings ;
  • etc.

When searching for a company and ordering services, a quality and convenient website is the main criterion for the consumer. So don’t skimp on it! You can order a corporate website (company website) from us! Silahub Technologies is a team of professionals with 10 years of experience in developing and promoting websites on the Internet.

We will develop for you a turnkey corporate website with corporate style in the shortest possible time, and practical usability and quality content will emphasize its advantages and distinguish it from competitors. We have a number of ready-made solutions for the implementation of various ideas and goals.

You can view examples of corporate sites in our Portfolio.