The Google Display Network Media Advertising is a large network of partner resources on which you can place blocks of contextual advertising. They are great for finding your target audience (potential customers). You can place adaptive and banner ads on them. Google banner advertising differs from search advertising in that it appears everywhere except the search network.

Media Advertising

What is media advertising?

Media Advertising is used for communicating a promotional message. Examples include online banners, radio spots, billboards, television advertisements or in print mediaads in newspapers. There is always a close connection to the advertising medium. … Advertisements in computer games are called In-Game Advertising. These days youtube has taken over the conversion rate when it comes to media adverts.


  1. Text ads (displayed in contextual ad units without images);
  2. Banner ads (image ads with or without animation);
  3. Adaptive ads (universal ads – show text, image, and native ads);
  4. Video ads (video advertising on Youtube).


1. Banner Media Advertising on YouTube:

Banner advertising on YouTube- silahub

  • Ad type: Re-marketing
  • Displayed to users who visited the site  and were interested in your products
  • Banner Media Advertising example:

Banner advertising on YouTube image on video

2. Banner advertising, site:  – advertising

  • Targeting: Topics “New buildings in the regions”, those who were interested
3. Banner advertising on YouTube, while watching videos. Website: Type: Re-marketing
4.  Banner advertising on site:
  • Type: Re-marketing

AdWords settings include:

  • UTM tag settings
  • Geo targeting (display region)
  • Quick links
  • Bids for mobile devices
  • Excluded placements
  • Phone numbers
  • Budgets for the day
  • Time to show
  • Rotation and frequency of impressions
  • Interest-targeted ad groups
  • Breakdown of queries by ad groups
  • Writing texts
  • Development of BANNERS
  • Defining impression strategy



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