19 ways to monetize a website

To monetize a website is making a profit using your own online resource. With the development of the Internet, many users want to open their own Internet resources, which would bring not only moral satisfaction but also monetary gain. 3 min

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To monetize a website is making a profit using your own online resource. With the development of the Internet, many users want to open their own Internet resources, which would bring not only moral satisfaction but also monetary gain. In this article, we will talk about ways to monetize a website, the choice of which will depend on the type of site, its subject matter, and functionality. Let’s look at universal ways that will suit most resources.
We divided all methods into 2 types – direct and indirect.


  1. Contextual Advertising (PPC)
    The most popular is Google Adsense. To connect it to your site you need to register and add a special code to the site. Google AdSense will show users ads that are relevant to your resource. You will be charged a certain amount of money for clicking on these ads. Pay per click depends on site traffic, the number of clicks (CTR), and cost-per-click.
  2. Banner (media) advertising
    There are sites for which this type of advertising is the main source of income. To attract the owners of companies or agencies who want to place banners on your site, you need to have a traffic of 1000-2000 visitors per day. Also, again, you can use the Google AdSense system. Payment, as in the previous case, will be made for the actual clicks on the banners.
  3. Selling links
    Building external links is one of the main criteria for site promotion. Therefore, webmasters are actively looking for sites to place links to their sites. You can make a good living selling links from your sites. To earn money by selling links on exchanges, the site must have the following criteria:
    • TIC and PR;
    • a large number of pages in the Google index and Yandex;
    • the number of inbound links to the site must exceed the number of outbound;
    • site topics;
    • regular addition of new content.
      The better such indicators, the more you can earn on it. To do this, you need to register on any link exchange (for example, Sape, GoGetlinks, etc.) and install the code on your site. Links to third-party resources will begin to appear on your site, and money will appear on your account.
      However, keep in mind that search engines have a negative attitude towards sites created for the sale of links and may impose sanctions on them – to exclude them from the index.
  4. Paid placement of articles
    To do this, you can register on the article exchange (for example, Miralinks). The cost will be affected by the TIC of the site and other parameters.
  5. Paid forums
    You can create a private closed forum with paid registration. But for people to want to register on it, it must have real value for users. You need to find an attractive topic and make the forum valuable.
  6. Paid job search sites
    For a fee, users will add vacancies and resumes to your resource.
  7. Paid bulletin boards
    They operate on the principle of paid job search sites. The user must pay a fee to place an ad.
  8. Trading platforms (marketplaces)
    By creating an online marketplace later, you could charge a small fee for the placement of new products.
  9. Voluntary donations
    By placing a module or the “Donate” button on your website, you will be able to earn real money. This method is suitable for sites where users can get something valuable for free (for example, blogs about personal development, etc.). You can raise money with a WebMoney piggy bank.
  10. Affiliate marketing
    You can become a distributor of a manufacturer of goods or services, sell products to a partner. In return, you will pay him a commission. The partner can refer you to potential buyers through advertising. To do this, you need to contact companies and publishers or join affiliate networks.
  11. Earnings with widgets
    Widgets will help increase revenue from the site. They make it easy to connect and use the service on the site (for example, Widgetbucks, SmartLinks, ScratchBack).
  12. Access to premium content
    There are websites that leave certain content free, but make access to premium content paid. To become a premium member and get access to useful tools, instructions, exclusive materials, a certain monthly fee is charged.
  13. Sale of the site
    By selling your site you can quickly get a large amount of money, provided that the site is really high quality and has a large flow of traffic. There are people who make money selling sites. They create sites from scratch or buy ready-made, and after improvement sell them much more expensive.

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  1. Sale of goods
    Here everything is clear. By creating an online store and promoting it properly, you will receive a direct income.
  2. Sale of e-books
    E-book distribution is an old way of making money. You can create an entire site for a specific book, or write a book that describes the success of the site.
  3. Consulting services
    You can create a site aimed at providing a particular service. If you are the author of a book, article, blog, then such a site will also be a confirmation of your competence and professionalism.
  4. E-mail mailings
    Email marketing is one of the most effective online sales tools. Newsletters can be used for advertising, direct sales, communication of important information, increasing the number of subscribers, etc.
  5. Sale of educational programs
    Users are willing to pay for knowledge. By creating a paid training program that is related to your site, you will receive a guaranteed income. There are many tools and instruments for the remote delivery of information to users (audio and video lessons, online testing, etc.).
  6. Conferences and online webinars
    If your resource has become authoritative in the niche – you can create a conference or online webinar around it. Such events can attract a huge number of listeners, and you will earn money on passes/access and attracting sponsors.

If after reading this article you do not understand whether you want to implement the above – contact us! We will not only create a quality site, but also attract the maximum number of users to it, which will provide you with a stable income.

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