How to write a compelling long grid

When writing a long grid, you can forget about the formation of unique product offers, discounts, promotions, buttons with a call to action (CTA). Your main goal is not to sell, but to attract attention and create the image of an expert.3 min

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compelling long grid written on tablet

Longrid (from the English. «Long read» – long read) are simply long pages with interactive elements: images, videos, quotes, infographics, and more.
It is believed that no one reads long texts. We will break these stereotypes!
Now long grids are:

  • attracting traffic;
  • likes, reposts;
  • increase trust;
  • increase conversions.

In this article, we will explain how to create cool long texts and transform visitors into customers without the use of selling texts.

Newswhip research has shown that long articles have more likes and reposts

Longrid has a text volume of 10000-30000 characters . But it’s all about quality, not quantity. Extending an article with 4,000 characters to 10,000 will not make it long. It is not necessary to “pour water”!


  1. Portrait of a man (people story)
    Longrid about a man – his biography, views, achievements, etc. It is usually written for the development of a personal brand or the field of art, services, coaching.
    What to use:
    • quotes from relatives and friends;
    • photo;
    • unique life facts.
  2. Report
    Describes all the details after the end of an important event. The main task is to tell about what you saw.
    What to use:
    • background with animation;
    • interview;
    • video from the event;
    • audio recordings.
      They are created for educational courses and educational institutions. You can submit meetings, seminars, workshops.
  3. Analytical text (reconstructor)
    This text reproduces the sequence of events to clarify its causes and consequences.
    What to use:
    • quotes from experts;
    • research links;
    • background music;
    • video.

A good solution for consulting, IT and marketing services.

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A high-quality long grid will help to remember your brand because good content is remembered for a long time.
When writing a long grid, you can forget about the formation of unique product offers, discounts, promotions, buttons with a call to action (CTA). Your main goal is not to sell, but to attract attention and create the image of an expert.

Advantages of long grids

There are many advantages to using long grids as content on your website. Just to mention a few. It

  • increases customer loyalty;
  • transforms readers into regular customers;
  • increases the time spent on the pages of the site (15-30 minutes).

Disadvantages of long grids

  • you need to have a lot of experience in writing articles;
  • the information should be detailed and fully disclose the topic;
  • the text must be organic – you can not use advertising (especially in the headlines).


  1. Defining the target audience (for the correct choice of presentation style and multimedia elements).
  2. Choosing a topic and making a plan (the story should be useful to the target audience and resonate with your business).
  3. Gather detailed information (write down everything you can find on the topic).
  4. Design and publication of text (layout, content, multimedia elements)

Principles of creating a long grid

  1. Processing a large amount of information (careful preparation and collection of information)
  2. Structuring the text and removing the superfluous (long grid should fully reveal the essence of the topic, multimedia will help you here)
  3. Using modules with a call to like and repost (not only at the end of the page, but also in the middle of the text)


Long grid is also called deep read, i.e the reader must be completely immersed in the text. Therefore, dilute the text with tables, infographics, quotes, charts, interviews, audio, and video recordings. These elements will entice the reader and immerse you in the world you have created.

Tips for writing exciting text

  • write the text in a language understandable to readers (without the use of unintelligible terms);
  • look for clues depending on the CA (humorous style, question-answer format, quotes from experts, etc.);
  • create an atmosphere of complete immersion (with the help of multimedia elements);
  • indicate the time of reading;
  • add references to primary sources, research, examples and quotes (if the facts are confirmed – it will increase trust).
  • you can make infographics on sites such as infogram


  1. Read the text several times, if you were able to read to the end – most likely others will like it.
  2. Evaluate the layout – paragraphs should be short, use numbered and bulleted lists, citations, etc.
  3. Provide the optimal combination of graphics and text. Graphics should complement the text.

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Creating a long grid is quite a complex and time-consuming job. It can take months to gather information and weeks to write text. But it pays off because a good text will bring you, new customers, for many years. Don’t forget about mobile adaptation for phones and tablets.

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