Target ads with Instagram Advertising

1. For users who have already been to your site

  • advertising of goods – up to 10 goods from the site catalog, among which there are both those viewed by the user and those that may interest the customer
  • banner advertising, image


Instagram Advertising in the form of 10 products carousel that can be scrolled and go to the appropriate product. Customizable for users who have already visited the site and were interested in relevant products…

2. To the targeted audience

Example of targeting a user who is interested in branded products:

  • men, women
  • age from 20 to 35 years
  • lives in a city with a population of more than 500 thousand – New York, and suburb..
  • uses Iphone
  • Have children aged 3 years
  • Going on vacation
  • We have been abroad recently
  • Often buy online

3. To a similar audience

Similar audience that purchased products, by 100 users, the system analyzes the profile of these users who performed the conversion and is shown to users whose behavior and preferences are as similar as possible to the above audience. That is, the system itself effectively selects a potential, target audience that may be interested in your proposal.

4. To a specific audience

Target an audience with a pre-known phone number, e-mail, or social media name (ID).


instagram ads examples

How do I find my Instagram ad settings?

You can control whether data about your activity from partners can be used to personalize ads on Instagram through Data About Your Activity From Partners in your Settings > Ads menu. This setting controls whether we can show you personalized ads on Instagram based on data about your activity from our partners.

Other effective types of advertising for business

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