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Evaluation of key performance indicators ( KPI ) of a site is one of the main stages of comprehensive site promotion. It is necessary to: determine the success of the site, compare advertising channels, and proper management of the budget allocated for advertising.

A well-chosen set of performance indicators for the site should reveal the goals and objectives of your business. Each project is unique in its own way, so for different resources, KPIs will be different.


The following are standard indicators that must be monitored for any resource:

  • ROI – Return on Investment

Return on investment in marketing (ROI) – the main indicator for any business and site. This is the return on investment, that is, the ratio of income to expenses. Calculates the effect of each hryvnia invested in promotion. It can be difficult to calculate due to the fact that you need to take into account not only the activity on the Internet, but also all business processes – the margin of each product that was sold from a particular advertising channel, repeat and associated conversions, and others.

  • Visibility of the site by key phrases

This is the percentage of visitors who saw the site in search results for specific key queries. This indicator is used to determine the potential for traffic growth in SEO and contextual advertising.

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  • Conversion rate

This is the ratio of the number of visitors who performed an action on the site to the total number of visitors. The target action is: purchase, filling out the communication form, subscribing to the newsletter, going to the landing page, downloading the file, etc. Calculated for a specific period of time.

  • CPC

Cost-per-click (CPC) is the cost of attracting a potential customer. It is calculated by the ratio of the spent budget to the number of involved users. With this indicator, we can compare the efficiency of budgeting at any time.

  • CPA

Cost Performance Fee (CPA) is the cost of an action. Used to calculate the profitability of user involvement.

  • Traffic

The amount of traffic – the number of interactions of visitors with the site, resulting in a certain action. This metric will help take into account the number of conversions on a particular traffic channel and determine its effectiveness.

  • Number of leads involved

This is the number of visitors who left their contacts on the site or subscribed to the newsletter. Such users are not ready to make a purchase at the moment, but are interested in your products or services. If you work with them – they can become your customers in the future. This metric is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of a site with a long sales cycle.

  • Number of sales

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This is an indicator that clearly shows the effectiveness of all advertising channels and the cost-effectiveness of advertising.

These KPIs should be monitored regularly across all advertising channels to determine their effectiveness and whether you need to increase your budget.

Remember that the profitability of each channel will vary depending on the seasonality of the business.

If necessary, we will select additional KPIs for the most important traffic channels, for example:

  • traffic forecast for key queries;
  • number of requests in TOP-3, TOP-5, TOP-10 and their change;
  • predicted visibility in search engines;
  • CPM – the budget required for 1000 ad impressions;
  • average ad clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • coverage of the target audience.

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713 shares, 277 points
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