How To Open Your Online Store From Scratch? [step-by-step Instructions]

Have you decided to open your own business? Perfect! We will help you. In this article we will tell you step by step how to open an online store without much effort.4 min

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online store

Have you decided to open your own business? Perfect! We will help you! In this article we will tell you step by step how to open an online store without much effort.

Note that online trading is suitable for both well-known companies and start-ups.

To run an online business, you will technically only need a computer with an Internet connection.


  1. Competition analysis and niche selection  (What products will you sell? Who are your competitors?)
  2. Search for suppliers (Who will supply the goods?)
  3. Opening a current account (Where will the payment go?)
  4. Choosing a name and domain name for an online store (What’s your name?)
  5. Company, hosting and domain registration (Legalize your activity)
  6. Website development for an online store  (Who will create a website?)
  7. Search for employees (Who will sell the goods?)
  8. Filling with content and goods  (Who will write descriptions, do photo and video reviews of goods?)
  9. Site technical support  (Who will take care of the site’s performance?)
  10. Online store promotion  (How will you attract customers?)

Analysis of niche and competitors

Before opening an online store, you need to conduct thorough market research – which products are the least competitive. Your success will depend on the chosen niche.
When choosing products, follow the following criteria:

  1. Market size – do not choose too narrow or too wide niches, because there may be little demand or high competition.
  2. Investigate the level of competition – with high competition, you can spend a lot of money to attract customers, but still not achieve results.
  3. Dynamics of demand – it is important to analyze the selected products, whether they will be a short-term trend or a stable trend.
  4. Margin on the product – it is more profitable to sell goods, one sale of which will bring a good profit.
  5. Availability of suppliers – it is good when the selected product can be purchased from many wholesale suppliers under similar conditions.
  6. Purchase cost – with a limited budget you will not be able to buy a large batch of expensive goods.
  7. Product sizes – for goods with small dimensions will not need to rent a warehouse.
  8. Storage conditions – You should be satisfied with the storage conditions of the selected goods.
  9. Seasonality – it is more profitable to sell goods that are popular regardless of the season.
  10. Product relevance – keep in mind that there are products that lose their relevance when newer models are released (for example, smartphones and other gadgets).
  11. The price of the average check and repeat purchases – it is more profitable to choose such goods for which buyers will return again and again.
  12. Scalability – Choose products whose sales can increase quickly.
  13. Unique trade offer – form a UTP, which will set you apart from competitors.

Selection of suppliers

You need to search for suppliers before creating an online store.
Choose products that are offered by several wholesalers. So you will not have problems such as a sharp change in prices or lack of goods.

Schemes of interaction with suppliers:

  • Purchase and storage of goods in its own warehouse;
  • Storage in the supplier’s warehouse and purchase if available;
  • Drop shipping (purchases are made in your online store, and the goods are stored in the warehouse of the supplier, who delivers it to customers).

Company registration

You will need to register as a private entrepreneur and pay a single tax each month.

Choice and registration of hosting and domain

A domain name is the address of your site on the web. If you have your own brand or brand – it is best that they are in tune with the domain. The domain name should be short, easy to remember and readable.
Hosting is a place on the server to host your site.
We will help you with hosting and domain registration.

Website development for an online store

When choosing a Silahub web studio to create a site, consider the following factors:

  • find out detailed information about the company;
  • explore the portfolio;
  • find out what content management systems (CMS) they work with;
  • find out the average cost of development;
  • terms of development;
  • find out what functionality will be and whether it is possible to expand;
  • ask whether the work will be carried out under the contract;
  • whether there will be SEO-optimization;
  • whether there will be technical support;
  • are engaged in site promotion.

Digital agency Silahub will create a site for you that will exactly meet your needs and requirements.


You can take on the functions of an administrator, seller, operator and even a courier of an online store. Or hire an employee who alone will do it all. At first, this will be enough.

Filling the online store

Content is the main component of Internet marketing. You can add products to the site manually or automatically – by synchronizing the online store with 1C . If there are not many products, you can add them manually.

In addition to goods on the site should also be contact pages, payment, delivery, warranty. It is good if there is a blog with regular publication of articles.

Technical support of the site

Site support is a set of actions to serve the needs of the resource, an important component of the process of functioning and development of the site.
Website maintenance with Silahub Technologies guarantees:

  • Site monitoring;
  • Stability of the site;
  • Backup of information and databases;
  • Domain support;
  • Mailbox support;
  • Protection against attacks;
  • Cleaning temporary files;
  • Providing FREE hosting;
  • etc.

Online store promotion

The more targeted traffic to the site – the more sales and profits. Various internet marketing tools are used to attract customers to the online store. The most popular are search engine promotion (Seo) and contextual advertising. To determine the most profitable areas of work you need to regularly test and analyze the results. You can open an online store quickly, and the promotion process will take a long time (from several months or more). SEO-promotion is a long-term strategy, the result of which is not immediately visible, but it is sustainable. And contextual advertising is better for fast sales.


Today, e-commerce is displacing conventional stores. And this is not surprising, because it is easier and cheaper for consumers to buy online. So do not delay the decision to open an online store! Act now! Otherwise, miss the moment when you can occupy a business niche with minimal money and time investment. It is really profitable and promising. If in doubt or have any questions – contact us for advice!

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