Best Pricing Tricks to Increase Sales

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Above all, users are not worried about the usability of the site, but the cost of goods/services. In this article, we will explain what pricing tricks should be used to increase sales.

The first thing an internet marketer will do to increase sales in an online store is to analyze the performance of web analytics and identify weaknesses in the site. Then work will be carried out to optimize the project: increase the level of usability, simplify the forms of ordering goods, add call-to-action buttons, etc. Sometimes it does not help. What to do in this case? 


  1. Minimum charactersThe cost of the product must be submitted without unnecessary symbols.

    For example, $ 3,299, not $ 3,299.00 or $ 3,299.

    Although it is the same price, but the first option seems to buyers much more attractive.

    Review your prices and think about how to present them in a simplified form.

  2. “Bait”Offer a price (bait) to make your trade offer more attractive.

    Add to the prices offers on the background of which the product/service you need will look more attractive – cheaper and better.

  3. Price relativityOur brain works in such a way that we evaluate all the surrounding objects in relation to each other. For example, if you go to a pizzeria, where pizza costs $100, the juice for $10 will seem cheap. And if the pizza will cost $10-20, the juice for $10 will seem very expensive.

    Increase all prices in the online store for a certain group of products simultaneously and evenly.

  4. Attractive number “9”Studies have shown that people are attracted to the number “9” in the price. For example, a product costs $ 60 and there are two discounts on it: $ 49 and $ 45. The price of $49 will be more attractive for buyers. Thanks to marketers, the number “9” began to symbolize the maximum benefit.

    Analyze the sales of those products that end in “9”. And now compare with those products that have prices with other endings. Add the number “9” to the prices of those selling worse.

  5. Opportunity to saveIt is difficult for people to part with money. To reduce the “pain of payment” – organize discounts, promotions, payment in installments, etc. Do your best to visually reduce costs.

    Shares such as “1 + 1 = 3” work perfectly. Offer scoring systems and other loyalty programs.

  6.  Here and nowPeople often want to own something immediately and are willing to overpay for urgency. Take advantage of this!

    Provide a minimum delivery time and specify them on the site.

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  7. High price = high qualityPeople try not to save on luxury items, medicines, appliances, etc. They believe that expensive means good.

    If you can not sell the product for a long time – conduct an experiment: raise prices and look at the reaction of users. If there is no result – you can always lower prices.

  8. The power of marketingCreate an environment in the online store that visitors themselves want to buy more expensive: develop an original design, banners, conduct an advertising campaign, create a certain image, write quality content, add reviews, awards, etc.
  9. The power of free offersGetting something for free is very tempting. People lose their heads if they get the opportunity to own something for free.

    Offer free shipping, bonus, trial period.

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I think in the tricks to increase sales described above, you have found for your site exactly those that will bring maximum profit. Share your achievements in the comments. Need help with a site audit? Contact us at Silahub.

High sales to you!

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613 shares, 267 points
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