5 Types Of Site Visitors And Their Behaviors

Psychologists say that depending on lifestyle people are divided into 5.In this article, we will talk about each of these types. Try to find yourself in one of them.2 min

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Site Visitors

Site Visitors: Psychologists say that depending on lifestyle people are divided into 5 types :

  1. Materialists
  2. Egocentrists
  3. Rigorists
  4. Adventurers
  5. Activists

Depending on the psychological type, the behavior of site visitors to your websites may be different. It is necessary to take into account what they pay attention to in the first place, where to start studying the site, which is the driving force when deciding to buy a product/service, etc.
In this article, we will talk about each of these types. Try to find yourself in one of them.



  1. Materialist
    Considers and weighs each step. He/She is looking for benefits in everything.
    Behavior on sites: The site should be useful to him/her. If he/she finds valuable information – start studying it and will be happy to like or repost. They often move from one site to another in search of benefits. He will become your loyal buyer if you assure him that he will not find a better offer.
  2. Egocentrist
    Self-focused. They like to draw attention to themselves. Indulgent to himself/herself and demanding of others.
    Behavior on sites: Knows what should be the perfect Site and appreciates professionalism. Does not like shortcomings and perceives them as an insult. If he or she sees that the site is what he/she needs –  they will stay on it for a long time, become a regular customer, and will advise everyone.
    Either way, try to get egocentrists as buyers. They like to do a lot of expensive shopping. It is important to pay regular attention to their persona so that they feel important.
  3. Rigorous
    Conservative, strict, a little cruel. They are afraid of everything.
    Behavior on sites:
    Not well enough mastered the Internet. Walks around the site slowly, pondering each step. They will read SEO-texts, carefully studying all the little things.
    Although strict characters, still loyal buyers. If you pass their selection – they will become your regular customers for a long time.
  4. Adventurer
    Likes to take risks and experiment, try something new.
    Behavior on sites: The first thing to look for on sites – novelties. With pleasure clicks on objects which are allocated on site background. Rarely reads texts, only if he buys something very important. Usually, just walk through the pages and look at the pictures.
    It is important to win such a buyer. After all, he will be one of the first to buy a new product and everyone will brag about it.
  5. Activist
    Has a passionate look, restlessness, a constant desire to change something.
    Behavior on sites: For him, the ability to quickly read the information plays an important role. It will not take long to read, wait for the pages to load, fill out long order forms for goods/services. Everything should be short and clear: clear photos, concise texts, infographics, short videos, etc.
    Love everything new and interesting. They can set the fashion for anything.

Each of the described types of visitors is of great importance, so it is important to make the site as attractive as possible for each of them.Site Visitors

If you contact our Silahub Web Studio – we will create a site that will appeal to people of any psychological type. Contact us!

One of the best ways to get a paying returning conversion is to hook-up at first with the behavior of your site visitors, pay goos attention to each text on your website, the speed of the website, and also to choose the right hosting for your business to get a better user experience for the end site visitors.

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