Types of Websites: Find out which is best for you

There are different types of websites out in the internet, each with its special features. Find out which is best for your business in this complete guide.4 min

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Today your online reputation is one of the main conditions for running a successful business online and partly offline. But, sometimes it is difficult to determine what type of website is best for your business.

In this article, we will talk about the types of websites, target audience, purpose, and capabilities of each of them, as well as give examples. This information will be useful for those who want to do business online but do not know which site to choose.


There is no official classification of websites, but there are excellent characteristics that make each stand out..

  • Landing Page (one-page site): Motivates users to take action

A Landing Page (landing page) is built to encourage visitors to buy a certain product/service, subscribe, etc.
There are 3 types: target, advertising, viral. Landings can be either individual sites or attached to the main site.

Landing Page Features

  • tool for promotion and advertising of old goods/services;
  • tool for promotion and testing of new products/services;
  • a tool for creating a subscriber base;
  • increase resource conversion;
  • differentiation of the target audience.
  • Business card site: Acts as company directory

The business card site acts as a directory of the company and should contain only important and specific information – contacts, field of activity and interests, a list of goods or services. You do not need to fill the business card with irrelevant information for customers or partners.

Features of the business card site

  • a tool for capturing a new audience;
  • cost savings;
  • quick creation;
  • best suited for companies that operate outside the Internet.
  • Corporate site: Can serve as company portfolio

Mandatory attribute of any type of business. Such sites will form the company’s reputation, attract new customers, expand the market, help to quickly obtain data on prices of goods or services in a convenient form. And if you add the functionality of the purchase, it will increase profitability.

Opportunities of the corporate site

  • confirmation of seriousness and prospects;
  • company representation;
  • the best way to advertise;
  • ease of access to commercial information.

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  • Promotional site: a great advertising tool

Good for organizing an advertising campaign for a particular product/service/event. The structure of the promotional site is similar to an advertising booklet and should attract the attention of potential buyers. Here you can provide information that is not in the advertisement on the page of the newspaper or magazine, video, radio ads. The promo site has no more than 10 pages. They post information about: company, what industry they’re in, goods/services, contacts, promotions, news, etc.

Features of the promo site

  • direct impact on target customers;
  • reporting the most complete information about the product/service;
  • effective advertising of the company and its goods/services.
  • Online store: a means to make direct sales

Must have convenience and functionality. It is important to ensure: easy product search, easy sending of goods to the cart, quick purchase, choice of payment options and delivery methods. The online store will significantly reduce the cost of renting space for sales and salaries of employees. Other advantages: huge coverage of target users, unlimited choice of goods, analysis of customer needs.

Online store features

  • expansion of the market for sales;
  • capture of a large target audience;
  • reduction of material costs;
  • personal office;
  • choice of payment method;
  • choice of delivery method;
  • possibility of synchronization with 1C;
  • system of accumulation of bonuses, discounts;
  • automation of all processes;
  • the ability to connect analytics to monitor profitability.
  • Image site: a positive impression of the owner

Such sites are ordered by large, medium, and small companies, individuals. They have a presentable “expensive” appearance. From the main page, the visitor must understand that the owner of the site is a successful person and need to work with him. To do this, use: interesting solutions, presentable corporate identity, 3D graphics, collages, flash animation, etc. The main thing is to follow the right balance of creativity and ease of use.

Features of the image site

  1. the functionality is similar to a business card site;
  2. forms the authority of the owner;
  3. promotes the attraction of new customers;
  4. forms a positive impression.

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  • Portal site: share maximum amount of useful information

You can post a lot of useful and interesting information on the portals: blogs, news, services, voting, multimedia information, etc.

There are 2 types: corporate portals and information portals. The former focuses on employees and partners of a particular company, the latter – on all Internet users.

The business portal usually has the following sections: company description, news, reviews, help, advice, subscription to the newsletter, advertising, etc.

Features of the portal site

  1. self-promotion in search and social networks (due to regular replenishment of content);
  2. additional income from advertising;
  3. a great platform for remote work of several participants.
  • On-line service: To ease business operations and save time

Such sites are used for many purposes: money transactions, communication, storage, editing, publication of information, etc. Online services are divided into the following groups: information retrieval, social, shopping services, banking, travel. When creating an online service, great attention should be paid to the interface, convenience, and the ability to download from different devices.

On-line service capabilities

  1. simplification of works;
  2. saving users’ time;
  3. addition to the main site of the company.
  • Site-catalog: electronic product catalog

The site-showcase (catalog) contains detailed information about the company and the electronic catalog of its goods / services. Visitors can see price lists, descriptions of goods / services, photos and make a purchase.

Features of the site directory

  • thoughtful structure;
  • complete information about the company’s products / services;
  • ordering;
  • advanced directory search;
  • ability to compare products;
  • additional functionality (comments, ratings, etc.);
  • increase sales.
  • Forum site: user-generated content

Such a site may exist separately or as a section of another resource. It is usually created on the subdomain of the main site and is an interactive resource for people to communicate. Forums are sites with user-generated content, ie users create content themselves.

Forum features

  • forum + email newsletter = significant increase in traffic;
  • unique free content created by users themselves;
  • an excellent tool for marketing market analysis;
  • association of users by common interests;
  • self-promotion.


Now you can determine which site is best for you and for what tasks it will be used. In any case, a website, regardless of its type, is profitable. And you can order the development of a site of any kind and functionality in our digital agency Silahub. Click here to get your offer!

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