Voice Search Queries: What Are They And How To Work With Them?

With the growth of mobile users, the popularity of voice assistants (Google Now, Alice, Siri) has also increased. Many people use them to make entering search easier2 min

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Voice Search

Voice Search : With the growth of mobile users, the popularity of voice assistants (Google Now, Alice, Siri) has also increased. Many people use them to make it easier to enter a search engine query. Therefore, the question arose: is it necessary, and, in fact, how to optimize the site for voice requests?

In this article, we will talk about what voice search queries are and how to optimize your website for them.


Voice-friendly-keys are keywords from voice queries.

Voice requests are more informal than printed ones.
For example: in Google, users write ” buy a phone in Abuja “, and say out loud differently: ” Where to buy a phone in Abuja .”
You can use the following lemma for the phone key :

  • The best/which is better;
  • The cheapest;
  • Where you can/better buy;
  • Where you can/better to order;
  • How to buy/order;
  • How much does it cost/what price;
  • What color is better to buy;
  • How to paint/stitch instructions;
  • Internet-shop;
  • Where, why, how, which, which, which, etc .;
  • Where to buy/find near/near me.

Lemma, word are the initial forms of keywords, for example, for verbs – infinitive (order, buy, etc.), for nouns – singular, nominative case (delivery, price, Canada, etc.).

Always check if there is a demand for voice requests in your subject. If there is a demand and the frequency is not small – the content definitely needs to be optimized for these requests!


Voice requests are always longer than printed ones because they are easier to pronounce than to write. Therefore, LSI phrases are more often used in voice search.

LSI keys (latent semantic indexing) are closely themed key phrases that complement the main query (for example, synonyms or related words).

The use of thematic lemma makes the text more understandable, interesting, literate, and most importantly – best satisfies the user’s request.
For example, the site page is promoted according to the following keys: ” buy an iPhone cheaply “, ” iPhone price “, ” iPhone for payment “. To write good text for this page, you need to use the following synonyms and relevant words: You can search for LSI phrases using the LSIGraph service and Google search tips.


Each topic has its own set of keys. To collect them, you need to find out what colloquial phrases your audience uses, for this:

  1. To conduct a brainstorming;
  2. Interview customers/buyers;
  3. Use semantics collection services (eg Serpstat, Keyword tool, etc.).

Collection of voice-friendly-keys using Serpstat: instructions

  1. Register or log in to the Serpstat service. Add your site to projects.
  2. Go to the ” Search Questions ” section: Keyword Analysis / Content Marketing / Search Questions.
  3. In the field, enter the required keyword phrase, select the country and search engine, click “Find”:
  4. The service will give you the most popular search phrases. There will also be a chart showing which queries predominate:
  5. The following are tables directly with keywords that can be used to optimize content on the site:

Collection of voice-friendly-keys using Keyword tool: instructions

Here, in general, everything is simple. You do not need to register or add your site. You can even use the free version of the Keywordtool service (just will not show the frequency of requests).

  1. Enter the key, select the language and press Enter. The service will give all search queries in the tab ” Keyword Suggestions “:
  2. And in the second tab ” Questions ” there will be all inquiries with questions:
  3. Choose the most relevant and add to the relevant pages of your site!


Of course, such queries can be added simply to the text of the page, but they will look most organic in sections such as:

  • FAQ (FAQ) or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions);
  • Useful Information;
  • Blog / Articles.

And on some pages of the site, you can create a special module optimized for voice questions. Here’s how we implemented it:

Such sections can be added to almost any site. If the pages answer users’ questions, they will become landing pages.



So now you know how to collect voice-friendly-keys Voice Search (LSI and lemmas). Feel free to add them to the content of the site – on separate pages or sections. And you will be happy! If you still have questions about whether you need to promote the site – contact us!

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