Top 10 Ways To Increase Website Credibility

The authority of the site (trust) determines how much search engines trust the site. The higher the authority of the resource, the better it is considered.4 min

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Website Credibility: The authority of a website (trust) determines how much search engines trust the site. The higher the authority of the resource, the better it is considered, the higher the position in search engine rankings, and therefore brings more traffic.

Previously, the authority of the site in the search was determined by the size of the mass of external links and Page Rank, but now there is no defined indicator. Now the trust is determined by a combination of many factors.

The main goal of any SEO promotion is to improve positions and increase traffic because these are the main indicators of trust on the part of search engines. Thus, it can be argued that the credibility of the site grows in parallel with the growth of requests in the TOP and traffic.

In this article, we will talk about the most effective ways to increase credibility.


1. Quality content and use of broad semantics

To write a quality article, it was necessary to involve a good copywriter, and you should also gather all the information on the topic in advance so that the material turned out really informative and relevant. For this:

  • Create a plan for writing texts for ALL pages of the site (with basic requirements, text structure, key queries, including LSI, etc.);
  • Tell the copywriter who your target audience (CA) is;
  • Choose a copywriter who is well versed in the topic and will distribute your keys and theses correctly.

It is important to use keywords correctly – not to spam them and use them not only in texts but also in:

  • meta tags (Title, Description);
  • headings, subheadings;
  • Alt-text images;
  • description of goods;
  • filters;
  • preview of goods;
  • anchor text for internal and external relinking;
  • bread crumbs;
  • micro marking, etc.

2. Attracting traffic from various sources

A wide target audience will provide great interest in the site. The main traffic sources can be found in the Google Analytics Traffic Sources report :

  • Organic Search – organic traffic from search engines.
    To increase traffic from organics, you should regularly work on the site: optimize, promote, improve, develop, add new functionality and modules.
  • Direct – direct links to the site.
    Work on raising brand awareness and improving the site, on the return of visitors.
  • Referral – transitions from other sites.
    Post links to third-party resources that lead to your site. It is important that they are thematic and of high quality.
  • Social – traffic from social networks.
    Start groups in social networks and develop them: invite subscribers, post interesting information, encourage subscribers to repost.
  • Display – traffic from media advertising (banners).
    The most expensive, but no less important source of traffic. If search engines see that you are investing in advertising – then you are ready to grow.

The choice of the main sources of traffic depends on the subject of the resource and CA. For example, social networks are ideal for advertising clothes, shoes, handmade, etc.

3. Monitoring of behavioral factors and regular work to improve the usability

You need to understand that different target audiences will behave differently on the site. One site will be convenient, another – no.
Therefore, by using the report Google Analytics «Behavior” need to analyze user behavior on the site, average time on page, bounce rate, percentage of exits Behavior:

Also, to see the behavior of users on the site can set HotJar (thermal site map + video recording user actions on the site):
Analyze the shortest and longest visits. This will help to find out what repulses and attracts visitors. To increase user engagement: post videos, sliders, interesting and interactive content, widgets, online chats, etc.
To determine what works best for your site, analyze your competitors, then implement and test yourself.

4. Increasing the quality of links

Now search engines have learned to determine the quality of links by several parameters, so you should not place links anywhere.
When choosing a donor, consider the following characteristics:

  1. The amount of organic traffic per donor site.
  2. The subject of the donor site.
  3. Trust of the donor site (Domain Rating, URL Rating, the presence of sanctions from search engines, etc.).

5. Increasing the download speed of the site

The speed of loading the site pages is one of the most important factors in ranking. It directly affects behavioral factors, user returns, and sales.
You can use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to check the speed of site loading :
This service also provides a list of recommendations for speeding up page loading.

6. Elimination of technical errors on the site

Here everything is clear – due to technical problems in the site you can lose visitors and, accordingly, sales.
To detect technical errors should be:

  • Regularly test the functionality of the site (click-ability of all buttons, work of all forms, visibility of content, etc.);
  • Analyze reports in the Google Search Console (Enhancements / Code Verification):

If you find any problems – contact the programmers immediately to fix them.

7. Minimum third-party advertising and annoying factors on the site

This means advertising third-party sites/products/services, such as Google AdSense. If it is too much – it will reduce the credibility of the site. Banners can prevent visitors from browsing the site, which will reduce traffic and sales. Losing the trust of search engines is easy, but regaining it is difficult.

8. Periodic optimization of snippets

Snippets in search results are constantly being improved, new elements appear in the micro-markup (FAQ, online chats, ratings), quick response blocks, etc.
Therefore, you need to regularly monitor updates in the issue and implement them on your site to stand out from the competition. Hitting the page at the zero position of the issue will indicate that it responds better than others to the user’s request. And the higher the position – the more traffic.

9. Work with negative comments and feedback

Negative feedback on the site or external resources can reduce the credibility of the site. Therefore it is necessary to watch it and if possible to correct: to work with buyers who did not like your product, to correct a situation and to ask to leave their repeated positive responses.

10. Providing branded traffic

Search engines also evaluate the types of search queries for which users come to the site. For example, whether users come to your site on brand inquiries and how often this happens. Thus, you need to promote the site not only for commercial (buy, order, download, etc.) or general requests (laptop, phone, shoes, etc.), but also for branded (with the name of the company or site).


So, now you understand – to be in the TOP position of the issue you do not need to “wind” PageRank or some other “ghostly” indicator. The main factor that affects the high positions in the ranking is the overall quality of the site (quality content, a lot of links, no clutter, user-friendly interface, etc.). It can only be provided by experienced SEO specialists.

If you need help with SEO – Contact us!

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