What To Know Before Opening an Online Store in 9 Special Niches

Of course, there are certain uniform standards when creating an online store, but each niche has its own characteristics.3 min

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Of course, there are certain uniform standards when creating an online store, but each niche has its own characteristics. For example, when creating an online auto parts store, we take into account the nuances that are not very important for online shoe stores.
In this article, we will talk about what to look for before creating and developing an online store on a particular topic.

Things To Consider When Opening an Online Clothing store

With clothing, it is important to note that demand is seasonal. For example, summer dresses are more bought in the spring, early summer, etc. And the success of the online store depends on the right choice of supplier or manufacturer. Are you selling quality clothes? do you deliver them in one piece?

Are you showing true images of the clothes on the online store? or its a shadow of itself when it gets to the customer?

  • be sure to add a size chart to the site to reduce product returns;
  • if you want to trade imported goods – order a trial batch in advance to assess the quality of products;
  • stock up on different sizes of one model;
  • The most popular is women’s clothing, and it sells well on social networks.

Things To Consider When Opening an Online Shoe Store

Everyone always needs shoes, so there will always be a demand for them. The product catalog should be designed so that the visitor at any time of year can easily find the right shoes.

  • the site should sort products by popularity;
  • It is difficult to compete with online stores of branded shoes, so focus on more affordable shoes;
  • the range should include models for different seasons and different styles;
  • customers need to be attracted from different channels (social networks, e-mail marketing, etc.);
  • the most popular are children’s shoes, followed by women’s shoes and then men’s shoes.

Things To Consider When Opening an Online Children’s Goods And Toys Store

An online store for children’s goods can sell a variety of items ranging from clothes, shoes, toys, hygiene products, etc. Children’s clothes and toys are in the greatest demand. The competition here is moderate.

  • all goods must be certified and environmentally friendly;
  • there should be a wide range and different suppliers;
  • the most popular toys and clothes for children aged 1 to 3 years;
  • the first buyers can be easily found on thematic forums and social networks;
  • think about where you will store the goods.

Things To Consider When Opening an Online Auto Parts Store

People want to and can now buy virtually everything online. Selling spare parts online also has its market and it is a very profitable niche. And this is because the demand for such products is constantly growing.

  • spare parts for cars are made in Asia, the CIS countries, America, Europe therefore it will be difficult to cover at once all segment;
  • parts can be large and there may be a problem with their storage, so it is better to take them immediately from the supplier;
  • there are tens of thousands of different details, so keep this in mind when choosing a CMS for the site and focus on the products of several brands;
  • the seller must be well versed in the product.

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Things To Consider When Opening an Online Electronics Store

Home appliances and electronics are the most competitive field. But this does not prevent the emergence of new sites, because such products are in constant demand, and the market size is very large.

  • product catalog can be huge, so choose reliable platforms for content management
  • it is very important to work on getting positive feedback about products and the work of managers
  • in addition to the main products, offer various accessories (for example, for a smartphone – a case, film, headphones, would be perfect complementary items)
  • if the goods are low-margin – attract customers not by price but by quality of service (to increase customer loyalty).

Things To Consider When Opening an Online Cosmetics And Perfumes Store

The cosmetics niche is also quite competitive, but there are daredevils who are still ready to try their hand. The demand for cosmetics will never disappear because people always want to look great and look after themselves. This business is good because if the buyer likes your product, he will come back again and again for shopping.

  • for professional and medical cosmetics it is possible to put a big markup but for trading such goods, a pharmaceutical license is required
  • choose suppliers carefully, because there are many fake and counterfeit products
  • determine the target audience in advance
  • prepare and execute a loyalty program to gain regular customers

Things To Consider When Opening an Online Souvenirs And Gifts Store

Most souvenirs and gifts are seasonal goods, but if you choose the right range, you can make a profit all year round. Keep in mind that it is difficult to predict the demand for this type of product and a lot of competitors, so try to offer something unique.
You can use contextual advertising to attract customers.
Carefully approach the choice of range – it should be as diverse and original.

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Things To Consider When Opening an OnlineJewelry Store

Jewelry will always be in demand. This topic is focused on women and it can be put and 300% markup, but it will still be bought. The competition is great both in search engines and on social networks.

  • determine which jewelry you will sell – luxury or budget;
  • in this subject it is difficult to define what exactly the buyer needs;
  • if traffic grows, you can offer other products – women’s accessories.


Now you clearly understand that each niche has its own characteristics, the knowledge of which will depend on your success. We hope you find these tips useful.
At Silahub web studio, we will not only help you choose a niche but also create a profitable online store that keeps your buyers coming back for more. Contact Us!

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